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CEO - Mission to Seafarers Victoria

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The Mission to Seafarers is a global mission of the Anglican Church that cares for the practical and spiritual welfare of seafarers of all nationalities and faiths. Attending to their wellbeing is crucial to ensuring the world’s oceans and coastlines are in safe hands.

One of 230 Mission sites around the world, Mission to Seafarers Victoria (MtSV) has operated from its heritage-listed building on Flinders Street since 1917, offering hospitality and community engagement for seafarers and the public. Reporting to the Board, your brief is to ensure optimal, safe delivery of high-quality services through the motivation and management of a small team of dedicated staff.

An excellent communicator, you will be an ambassador for the Mission, its programs, products and services to all relevant stakeholders. Your financial literacy, record of success in income generation, and deep understanding of contemporary governance practices will ensure the organisation’s ongoing sustainability.

Please view the Position Profile on www.brookerconsulting.com.au or ring Michelle Lyon on 0476 498 982 or Jeremy Wurm on 0419 529 525, in confidence.

Position Description

The CEO reports to the Board of the Mission to Seafarers Victoria Inc and Trustee of the Seafarers Welfare Fund.

The CEO is the chief manager of MtSV and is accountable to the Board for the performance of MtSV operationally and financially, consistent with MtSV’s values and purpose, and with such strategic and business plans as agreed by the Board from time to time. International seafarers are the primary clients of the MtSV.

The CEO is the chief adviser to the Board on strategic and operational matters and is accountable for ensuring that the Board is guided by accurate, considered and timely advice and information on all matters related to MtSV.

The CEO is also responsible for supporting the Board in ensuring that MtSV’s reputation, its public positioning and its relationships with internal and external stakeholders are managed well. Internal stakeholders include Seafarers, Volunteers, Staff, and the Anglican Diocese. External stakeholders include, but are not limited to, State, Federal and local Council Government agencies, tenants, local and state-wide community groups, shipping and transport industry organisations and association representatives, Church and social communities. The Melbourne Seafarers Centre, of which MtSV is a founding partner, is a critical stakeholder.

CEO's tasks will include:

Seafarers Welfare and wellbeing

  • The primary function of the CEO is to ensure safe, high-quality services for the welfare of seafarers who travel through the Port of Melbourne and achieving the Mission’s constitutional goals
  • Currently this is achieved by the employing chaplains to provide practical and other advice to the seafarers. Volunteers also support improving seafarer welfare.

Advice and support to the Board

  • Advising the Board on policy and strategy, including as leader on development and review of strategic and business plans, and recommending continuous improvements as appropriate
  • Timely reporting to the Board on all matters of significance relating to MtSV operations, finances, reputation and stakeholder issues
  • Supporting Board consideration of issues by assisting the Chairman in respect of Board processes and meetings, and through presenting the Board with clear and considered recommendations for action, prior to Board meetings
  • A capacity to assure the board that the Mission’s statutory and compliance requirements have and are being met.

Planning and evaluation

  • As lead planner, identifying aims, objectives, strategies, responsibilities, timelines and the resources required to achieve the organisation's mission.
  • Overseeing design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services.
  • Developing evaluation strategies and adjustment of systems, processes and structures in response to evaluation findings.
  • Providing objective measures and data to the board

Financial, staff and physical resources management

  • Managing paid staff and volunteers, financial and material resources, business and welfare operations and procedures of MtSV on a day-to-day basis and in accordance with any delegations agreed by the Board
  • Along with the Financial Controller, presenting the yearly budget for Board approval and manage the organisation's resources within the budget guidelines.
  • Undertaking regular risk management analyses and implementing strategies to prevent and deal with perceived risks.
  • Recruiting, retaining, developing and deploying staff consistent with MtSV’s operational requirements and capacity, consulting as appropriate with the Board on structures

Fundraising and income generation

  • Overseeing fundraising planning and implementation, including identifying resource requirements, researching funding sources, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals and administering fundraising records and documentation.
  • Seek to generate income from hospitality and other commercial opportunities which may present themselves. These services should make a positive contribution to the Mission’s financial status.

Representing the organisation

  • Representing the Mission, its programs, products and services in strong, positive images to all relevant stakeholders and to the general public.
  • Setting the standards for the organisation, including setting a good example when it comes to ethical behaviour, loyalty, commitment, efficiency, and so on.
  • Representing the Mission through the media

Critical indicators of success:

  • A balanced budget – with provisions for growth
  • Satisfied, well placed staff and volunteers
  • Within the current economy, increase of visitor numbers – seafarers and public
  • Good networks internal and external to the organisation
  • Timely responses to all matters
  • Clear communications with all stakeholders
  • Demonstrate the delivery of sustainable welfare and other services to seafarers which is reported by both depth and breadth data.

Annual performance plans

  • The CEO will agree to an annual performance plan with the Chairman, who will consult with the Board, consistent with an annual business plan and budget
  • The CEO will establish appropriate performance plans with all paid staff

Selection Criteria

Personal Attributes

  • Excellent and confident communicator with ability to adapt style and approach to a wide range of stakeholders including international mission to seafarers’ networks, diocese, maritime bodies and supporter groups. Both written and verbal.
  • Genuine empathy with and understanding of the Mission’s purpose.
  • Ability to contribute to the development of the Mission’s strategy and lead its effective delivery.
  • Sound and considered judgement with ability to apply this pragmatically across the Mission’s very varied activities.
  • Willingness to be hands on when required, recognising the resource constraints of a small NFP. Strong self-management administration skills.



  • Previous experience of a NFP or equivalent ‘values-based’ environment (at least 5 or more years in a middle management level), ideally in human service delivery.
  • Proven experience of the development and management of a small multi-disciplinary team and of an active volunteer base, engaged in service delivery.
  • Human resource management/leadership knowledge including volunteers.
  • Financial literacy and sound financial and budgetary management skills.
  • Record of success in revenue generation including from philanthropic, commercial and Government sources.
  • Understanding of contemporary governance practices and previous experience of reporting to a Board
  • Understand the concept of the mission of the church
  • Safety and police check requirement


  • Experience in marketing and promotion, and brand development, in the context of a NFP organisation
  • Experience of the operation of commercial activities within the context of a public purpose organisation
  • Experience of the management and development of complex heritage facilities and collections
  • Understanding of the national and international maritime industry sector
  • Previous experience of working with faith-based organisations, And an understanding of models of renewal of the church (or ability to gain that understanding)
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