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Personal Assistant - Townsville

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The role is like a tutor, or personal assistant. The role will assist an individual (42 y.o man) with organisation, research, and skill development and be delegated to do certain tasks the person cannot do. The focus is to enable him to be as competent/skilled as possible in roles such as homemaker (cook, cleaner, shopper), home-manager (budgeter, home maintenance person, home organiser), good neighbour, home gardener, a contributor to the street, host, tenant, family member, social media user, and adult man/woman.

The Focus

The focus of this role is on ‘Role Goals’: creating, acquiring, or maintaining valued roles such as the above, assisting the person to develop skills for these roles, and counteracting any lack of participation in these roles with various strategies. Strong focus on ‘Home and Neighbourhood’ related roles, paying extra attention to how the individual is perceived by others.

Your Assumptions/Mindsets

  • A loving, inviting home is the foundation for an expression of self and is a retreat and a private space
  • Being a ‘tenant’ automatically means that the person has natural authority over what happens in that space, who enters it, etc.
  • People should and must be supported to develop their autonomy in their home and neighbourhood.
  • People can learn to make decisions that can help them to learn, grow and thrive.
  • Being known in ones neighbourhood and having a range of unpaid relationships keeps people safe and helps them to develop new skills, roles, and to belong.
  • People with disabilities can live meaningful and valued lives and its my job to work with this man towards roles that bring this.

General Hours/Availability

Total hours per week would vary, generally between 7-12 hours per week. Worker will not necessarily work all the below times every week. Work can be adaptable to the goals and availability of both parties. Potential work times include:

  • Weekdays 8-9:30am- 1 or 2 times per week
  • Weekdays 5:30-8pm- 1 or 2 times per week
  • Saturday & Sunday: Either day for several hours based on availability of both parties and scope

Technical Details

  • Someone who has or is willing to obtain an ABN and basic insurance or would like to explore a role through platform such as Mable or HireUp. Must be willing to obtain a Blue Card.
  • Car and License is preferable, but not essential.
  • Training: There will be an offering of induction and training in this role and helpful teaching strategies along the way.
  • Pay: Depends on arrangement. If contractor, rate will be $50+ per hour. If on a platform such as HireUp, pay will be at their base rate.


Contact Ricky on 0447 574 600 or ricky@towardsbetter.com.au using the subject line: Personal Assistant - Townsville enquiry via EthicalJobs.

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