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We're here to help you find a job you can be truly passionate about
Supporting the work of 5,000 organisations

Supporting the work of 6,000 organisations

To change the world, charities and NFPs need amazing staff and volunteers – and that’s why EthicalJobs.com.au exists. We support more than 6,000 Australian charities, not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to work for a better world.

$500,000+ in donations

$700,000+ in donations

As a social enterprise, we make regular donations to small Australian charities and support their work for better world. Every two months we match donations from our community to one organisation up to $30,000 – "we’ve donated $700,000 to over 100 different charities since EthicalJobs.com.au was founded in 2009.

27,000+ jobs posted last year

27,000+ jobs posted last year

EthicalJobs.com.au helps organisations that are making a difference to find passionate and committed staff – helping them to make more of a social and environmental impact though their activities.

What makes a job 'ethical'?

We see an ethical job as a job that contributes to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world. There are two broad types of jobs we advertise:


a) Any job in an organisation where the organisation´s primary focus is contributing to a more equitable, more just or more environmentally sustainable world.


b) A job within any organisation where the job itself is primarily focused on creating a more equitable, more just or more environmentally sustainable world.

No Smoking / TobaccoNo Smoking / Tobacco
No GamblingNo Gambling
No Fossil FuelsNo Fossil Fuels
No MilitaryNo Military
No NuclearNo Nuclear

The only organisations completely excluded from advertising jobs on this site are those which either derive income from, receive significant funding from or have significant ties to the tobacco, military, gambling, uranium or fossil fuel industries.

Please note that not all employers who use Ethicaljobs.com.au are necessarily ethical employers, so advertising an ethical job on this site does not imply an endorsement of an employer or an endorsement of any of that employer's practices.