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CEO - Bendigo UFS Pharmacies

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  • Location: Bendigo
  • Status: Full time
  • Reports to: Chair and Board of Non-Executive Directors

the opportunity

Originating in 1872, Bendigo United Friendly Societies Pharmacies Limited is now a thriving $22 million company serving 11,500 members throughout the greater Bendigo area. Its five pharmacies include the only 24-Hour drive through facility in regional Victoria, plus an optical store and a day spa.

Backed by the board, your brief is to implement a bold plan for transformation, based on promoting the organisation’s culture, continued excellence in clinical and corporate governance, and an unswerving commitment to forging partnerships and initiatives which benefit members and the community.

A forward-thinking strategic leader from a commercial/health/human services background, you are a proven influencer with energy, business acumen and a flair for retail service delivery.

About UFS Pharmacies Bendigo

UFS Pharmacies was founded in the Central Victorian gold rush in 1872 as a not-for-profit friendly society. It consists of Bendigo United Friendly Society Pharmacies Limited and Central Victorian United Friendly Society Limited.

This membership organisation delivers a wide range of pharmacy and health related products and services to over 11,500 household members throughout the Greater Bendigo Region. The group now has five pharmacies (including the only 24 hour and drive thru facility in regional Victoria), an optical store and a day spa. UFS collaborates with fellow health providers and community organisations to support meaningful and effective investment in health and wellbeing initiatives across the Greater Bendigo Region.

The organisation contributes to the local community through its Building a Healthier Community Program which now distributes over $85,000 per year to groups and organisations with a focus on community health, and preferably not for profit. The program is an essential part of the organisation’s ethos as a not-for-profit local institution.

Strategic Context

The Community Pharmacy 2025 Framework for Change has been the most recent strategy to guide community pharmacies of the future. It has been used as a platform for government negotiations and as an enabling document that identifies the growth pathways to long-term sustainability for pharmacies. Four major trends and their resulting challenges are pertinent to this role:

  • Ageing populations - Medicines will remain the mainstay of community pharmacies, but in order to remain successful, pharmacies must value-add around their core dispensing role with a greater emphasis on personalised medicine support.
  • Health costs - Community pharmacies must diversify their revenue base by seeking out new sources of funding that will enable them to play an enhanced role in the primary health and community care spaces.
  • Consumer empowerment – Greater consumer empowerment means pharmacies must have a thorough understanding of their patients and be able to demonstrate that they have the capacity to meet their personal health needs.
  • Technology and Data - pharmacies must embrace and become experts in e-health, tele-health, wearables and remote monitoring devices, as well as business and health analytics.

The Board’s “Transformation Map”

With the support and guidance of the Board, the CEO will be expected to lead the company through this period of transformational change and anticipate critical decision and strategy crossroads in shaping its future. Specific focus will be placed on working towards building strong partnerships and connections with in the community, positioning UFS Pharmacies as a health hub, with a clear aim to provide a model of integrated care in response to the needs of members and the community.

The clear aims of this process of transformation are to:

  • Invest well in our people and our core purpose
  • Promote a culture of inclusion, service and respect
  • Partner with intent for better health and wellbeing
  • Deliver further success through innovative business, design and accountable leadership

Primary Purpose of the Position

To provide executive and strategic leadership, operational management and direction towards achievement of the Vision, Priorities, Objectives and Strategic Directions of UFS Pharmacies, in accordance with the organisation’s Governance Procedures, Instrument of Delegation, and Policies and Procedures. Guided by values of trust, respect and caring we strive to support and improve the health and wellbeing of all members of our community.

A key focus of the role will be to implement the Board’s Transformation Map, as outlined above. This will be brought about in a context of quality, service models, integration and strategic partnerships.

Key Result Areas

  • Partnerships Strategy Framework:
  • Workforce Planning:
  • Business Innovation:
  • Financial and other: The Seventh Community Pharmacy Agreement was recently signed on 11 June 2021 which will identify and determine the funding and regulatory requirements in the next chapter with the Commonwealth Government.
  • Innovation Quality and Models of Care:

Specific Responsibilities:

Review, design and develop the following:

  • Management strategy & aligned structure
  • Organisational Development (OD) Strategy
  • ICT & IM systems roadmap
  • Aligned financial management plan
  • A workforce map that integrates with the OD Strategy
  • Staff engagement processes with clear delegations
  • Staff wellbeing and learning & development programs
  • Staff wellbeing consultation and engagement processes including baseline survey, onboarding plans
  • Membership consultation, development and implementation of a comprehensive partnership strategy within the primary and community health sector in Bendigo
  • Stakeholder mapping & community engagement plan
  • Effective Marking and Communications plan
  • Effective clinical governance systems

Promote a culture of inclusion, service and respect through

  • Service innovation, quality and models of care - Formulate a solid framework for developing models of care and clear alignment with clinical governance
  • Population health planning data
  • Patient profile referencing
  • Personalised health and specialty care development
  • Service workflows scoped to inform future store layouts and other delivery modes/technologies
  • Profiling the top health conditions in conjunction with mental health data
  • Ensuring that senior staff model values, practise responsibly and ethically, and that they promote a culture that upholds responsible and ethical behaviour, integrity and accountability
  • Utilisation of health planning data and aggregate patient profile data to enhance service planning
  • Promoting equal opportunities for employment, volunteering and advancement in all areas of the organisation.

Finance, Operations and Governance

  • Prepare and/or update all budgets
  • Implement capital and operational plans to support the Strategic Plan
  • Ensure that the Board is regularly provided material for consideration and advice on industry wide operational and financial matters that will/may affect UFS Pharmacies’ strategic plans, business plans, operational plans, strategies and budgets
  • Identify and manage corporate risks through a formal risk management framework. Inform the Board in a timely manner of any issues of public concern or risks that may affect UFS Pharmacies
  • Identify and manage clinical risk through a formal risk management framework with mitigation strategies, quality improvements and measures that speak to clinical governance requirements
  • Promote an organisational culture which encourages initiative and a positive approach to change and one that fosters innovation, learning and professional growth
  • Ensure that the operations and activities of UFS Pharmacies are conducted in compliance with relevant legislative frameworks, applicable by-laws, regulations, governance arrangements, policies and sound business practices
  • Represent UFS Pharmacies on appropriate professional and relevant bodies or organisations, in public forums, functions and speaking engagements in a way which enhances the standing and reputation of UFS Pharmacies.

Qualifications & Competencies

  • Qualifications and professional memberships relevant to the role
  • Demonstrated expertise and achievement in organisational leadership, partnership development, service innovation, quality management and change management
  • Capacity for flexibility and emotional intelligence that promotes a dynamic organisational culture which is responsive to external pressures and impacts
  • Financial acumen as it relates to fulfilling the obligations of successful, not-for-profit business units
  • Experienced at growing workforce capability
  • Exceptional communication skills in professional and public contexts
  • Proven ability and experience in managing or growing a multisite, community-based retail entity
  • Demonstrated ability to enhance and build member services will be highly regarded

Other Relevant Information

This position description is intended to articulate the general nature and level of work that is to be performed by the person appointed to the role. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required. Any elements of this document may be changed at the discretion of the Board of Directors of UFS Pharmacies and activities may be added, removed or amended at any time.

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If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Wurm on 0419 529 525 or Lesley Lightfoot on 0458 543 485, in confidence.

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